Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC)

I think it is very sad that no Cornish Old Vehicle club has planned for a
social multi club event in honour and recognition of the work done by
the FBHVC.
I believe we should show our appreciation and support for this
organisation that fights for our right to use our vehicles on the public
Without them we would have no historic mobile record on our roads
today. We would all be forced off the road because of the pollution we
create; there would be no steam engines on the road or rail. If your
vehicle is not fitted with a catalyst converter, safety belts, airbags as
standard you would not be allowed on the public highway. If you fit a
non-standard part such as hydraulic brakes or a servo replacing cable
brakes or halogen headlamps, LED rear lamps you would fail your
MOT. It is barmy we all know but the Euro-crates will say that’s not
historic, so ban it from our roads.
Your recycling augment would count for nothing if it suits the
politicians and bureaucrats.
Do we appreciate; our fuel could be banned in the very near future.
Our club runs could be banned as ‘Car Cruising’ is seen as anti-social
and you can be as a club or organiser prosecuted for planning a road
It is only the FBHVC that fights for us right now, against the barmy
mentality of the Euro-crates. Is there anybody who wants to support
their work?

Graham King 18-3-15