Heartlands St Piran’s Day Saturday 14th March 2015 

Thanks to the exhibitors we had a great show at such short notice. It was hardly publicised and put together at the last minute to coax visitors to Heartlands in a very quiet time of the season. Our show was much admired by the public who turned up in small numbers probably outnumbered by us plus the groups led by the Mayor’s entourage and the choir. It must of been a disappointing day for the traders who came on site for the day.

Thankfully it was very pleasant dry sunny day but cold so it was appreciated by our group that we were supplied with plenty of free tea coffee and cake laid on by the management which made it an ideal venue for a good social day out.  

Bryan and Jenny Willison with their in original immaculate condition Daimler and Richard Taylor with his Armstrong Drop Head are to be congratulated as true hero’s driving their vehicles on their maiden voyages something like over a 100 miles from their home and back. Ted Cooke brought his newly acquired Ford 100E another original car un-restored but Adrian and Leanna brought their breakdown truck they only finished restoring the night before. The pictures from the mine gantry were taken from Nick Male’s Camera as a member of staff volunteered to take them with his camera as we were not allowed up due to H&S.  

Thank you one and all for your support.