Start of the show in Bassit Street on pole position, Edwin and Margaret Barbery’s Ford Escort which is now 28 years old.


The day was overcast but promised by the weather men to be very wet. Thankfully they were wrong and it stayed dry until one short light shower for 2 minutes about 12.30 while Patricia and I were in the Lowenac drinking our large mug of coffee for £1 and a large piece of cake for £1.50 sitting on a very large comfy settee. Very civilised at a bargain price. At the end of the day the promised rain came in at 4pm and we and the crowds decided to call it a day by then.
The first picture is our proud Arthur with his shield for being the winner of the ‘Best Vintage Vehicle’ in show presented at 3.30pm the first time for the next 28 years it is to be given.
Have you read the West Briton headline, there will be no show next year? Who do you believe?
After the picture of Arthur, the following 6 pictures are exhibitors waiting on the side of the road for a marshal to clear the road of parked resident vehicles as we were instructed to be on site for the show at no later than 8.30am before the steam engines arrived at around 9am. Otherwise we would not have got in past the paid security staff who were enthusiastic to carry out their orders. No body was later. When the  show organisers turned up seeing us parked up on the side of the road mixed with moderns, with some banging on doors asking owners to move their cars we finally got the space we needed.
We were then left to arrange ourselves but by this time it was 9.15 when we were able to get in position to put on a  good show variety of vehicles according to the admirers.
Because of some Wally didn’t charge has camera battery, the pictures were supplied by Hugh Slater, the owner of the red Sunbeam Alpine which was fresh out of the paint shop the day before after having new sills fitted. Thank you Hugh.
Arthur’s picture was supplied by Evan Broadman owner of the black P5 Rover a good friend of mine from Bude. Thank you Evan.
The young guy here Charlie Scallan from Camborne likes the Rat look and wanted to join the club there and then but he didn’t know what a cheque book was as he normally buys on line.
Picture was taken by his Mum. Graham King
Future member?


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